Friday, April 24, 2009

Weight Watchers

So I've even lost a tiny bit of weight since my post partum appointment, so that's cool. We're starting at one eighty one ya'll. They were super nice to me at the meeting, and it was cool to see all the products laid out. I decided not to go to the one in the church that I tried (once) after Ava, and instead I went to an actual Weight Watchers center. The receptionist weighed me, and you can't see the scale, and when I asked her what I weighed, she said that they don't say it out loud, but she printed it out on a sticker and put it in my book. Well, after I filled out all my paperwork and sat down, I couldn't find where she'd stuck it! I went thru that book a zillion times, I finally had to get up and ask her! She kinda laughed at me, but in a nice way. I got all the books and tracking notebooks (that's what this meeting was about, the importance of tracking. There was this really annoying lady there who kept saying that she never cheats, and she tracks everything blah blah. Why are you coming to the meeting if you're already perfect?) and I gotta get my dear husband to put the computer versions on my phone, and then I should be good to go! At two pounds a week, best case scenario is hitting my goal in about five months. In my experience, it'll be more like seven. Nine months up, nine months down. It's true, Angela!!!

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  1. Jen, you're going to do great with WW! I'm up for walking anytime you want, too!