Monday, April 27, 2009

WW Update

If anyone is interested in how Weight Watchers is going, it sucks! I'M STARVING. I mean, starving. And our membership starts up at the Y tomorrow, I'm too hungry to work out! I don't know how I'll handle that. And ya'll, hungry equals cranky with all the Zandees. Sigh.

We have given the first couple who saw our house our counter-offer, and we're sitting around waiting for their response. Our realtor says they seem like they really want it, but really, of course he's gonna say that. We didn't have anyone come look at it yesterday, and we only have one later today. It kinda breaks my heart to think that people wouldn't want my house...I've put a lot of time and effort and careful thought into it! And Nick-forget it, he's broken his back on this house. So everyone should want to live here!

Braved the commissary with the boys today. We dropped Ava off at preschool and headed straight over to beat any crowds. Scott was so good- he just rode in the spaceship cart and ate a snack and drank his water and talked to me. And I used the Moby for Warren, who just slept the entire time. So that was nice. Of course, I didn't buy anything good, because everything I love is like, twelve points. Lots of fruits and veggies. So even though I'm cranky and hungry, I'll be healthy and my skin should look awesome, what with all the water I've been having to drink. Ugh.

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