Thursday, May 14, 2009

Afternoon Update

For those of you concerned that my children may have met an untimely end in the bathtub upstairs (apparently I give off that 'she's about-to-drown-her-kids' vibe)- rest assured they are fine. Big kids are asleep in their room, Warren is asleep in the cradle in our room. Cradle- I don't know why I said that. It's a mini pack and play. He's such a tank, we had to take the bassinet part down because it was getting bowed.

After the gym fiasco, we came home, had snacks and bottles and went outside to play. AND WARREN SLEPT FOR TWO HOURS UPSTAIRS, IN HIS OWN BED!!! As opposed to the swing. Being in our bed, thank the Lord, has NOT been a problem with Baby Engelbrecht #3. Scott and Mama worked on potty training...
Future Scott, please don't hate me for posting these pics. Everyone loved them, and no one laughed at you or said anything about how cute your little tush is, I promise.

Then we ate lunch (I use the term loosely, Scott had an apple and half an English muffin) and I tricked him into making this face for me so I could snap a shot. He's saying "wake up Jeff!!!" from the Wiggles, and what he's trying to do is cup his hands around his mouth, as if to amplify his voice? But he doesn't quite understand that that's what he wants to do.

Then Ava got home and discovered a few new (hand me down from her, actually) toys that Nick got me out for Baby Warren. And no, Ava doesn't wear jammies to school, if you can believe that. But she sure changes into them the second she walks thru the door.

Then the big kids went down, and I put Warren in the jumper! He's too young, I know, but I just had to do it! Don't worry, I won't do it again for a while, although he did seem to love it!
Then Nick graciously took over and I went to the gym and got in a full workout, all alone, no worries about being called down to change poopie diapers. Sigh. It was nice. And then I came home to a house full of sleeping children, and a basket full of FOLDED CLOTHES! Have I mentioned before that you CANNOT have my husband? Because he's mine! So we are all fine, I just needed to blow off some steam. I promise, I have plenty of resources when I get crazy, my children will not be hurt. Sheesh.

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  1. What a rough week, Jen! Not saying you need help, but PLEASE feel free to send an Engelbrecht child or two over to our house to entertain Rowen ANYTIME we're around. We'd be happy to take them off your hands for a while :) If y'all need a date night, don't hesitate to give us a shout!