Thursday, May 14, 2009

And I Thought Thursday was Going to be Better...

So let me just tell you a little bit about my day thus far. Bear in mind that it is currently a few minutes past ten o'clock. We all get up- Warren is still not sleeping thru, but Nick gets up at four with him- and get breakfast and get dressed and get in the car to take Ava to school, no problem. She's going every day this week since we'll be in CT next week. After we drop her off and I pull into the neighborhood, Scott says "no mama, no! Gym!" So I think, wow, he wants to go to the gym, how cool! I wasn't planning on going since on Monday when we went at this time, he pooped, I had to go down to change him, and then he lost it when I left again to finish working out. So I don't have anything packed and I'm in my jammies.

So I run inside, get everything we need while he watches Wiggles in the van (Warren has been asleep since right before we left at eight twenty) and then we head downtown. Halfway there, I realize I forgot my ipod. Well, I'm not working out without it, so I turn around and head back. I ask Scott repeatedly if he wants to go home, or go to the gym, and he still is really excited and wants to go. So I get it, and turn around again, and we finally get there.

Scott runs in without a problem, all laughs and fun, and while I'm getting Warren signed in, some kid steals Scott's cup and Scott looses it. So I cuddle him for a while, I don't have a paci for him because he only uses it to sleep, so I don't even pack one anymore! So I abandon him, still crying a little, and go change. I walk for a few minutes to loosen up, then go to the strength training area because I'm afraid that he's going to poop again, and I'll just have to leave. I'd rather to weights today than cardio. So I've done ONE SET on ONE MACHINE when they call me and tell me that Scott's nose is too runny and he has to leave.


So I head to the locker room to get my stuff, leave my phone in the locker, and then go to get my kids. All the other moms are giving me dirty looks because I've dared to infect their immune-deficient-stay-at-home kids with my dirty-daycare-toddler. HE HAS ALLERGIES!!! Honestly, that's all it is! I wouldn't drag him to the gym when he's sick when I could just wait, literally, four hours until Nick gets home and then go alone! He has terrible allergies, and I've been using Claritin, which doesn't work, because Zyrtec puts him to sleep and I don't want him to get hooked on needing it to go to bed at night. Well screw that, I'm going to pick some up after WW tonight, you can bet on that. So now I think we might be blacklisted at the gym, and I left my phone there, so I can't even play with that. Sheesh. Surprisingly, although I did cry while climbing the stairs at the parking garage after all this went down, I am not loosing it and have decided that this isn't THAT big of a deal. Who knew?

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