Thursday, May 28, 2009

Check it out! If you were wondering how much longer until Harry Potter you know! Let me just say something right quick. When I learned all those years ago that they were going to make Harry Potter Seven into two separate movies, I seriously considered boycotting. If they were that desperate to make 450 zillion dollars, instead of just 449 zillion, I sure wasn't going to give them my ten bucks (well, twenty, really, because I would need to go to TWO movies). But that lasted about an hour. Probably the longest hour of Nick's life, poor guy. Then I decided that it wasn't going to make much of a statement. How do you subtract ten bucks (or even twenty) from 450 zillion? So I caved, and got excited again. And Half Blood Prince, as well ya'll know, is about my alterna soul mate, Professor Snape. Sigh. Good thing I met Nick first :)

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