Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Well, our trip to CT was sort of a bust. Then again, my expectations were probably a little high. See, when the housing lady said she had a house to show us and made us an appt for Monday morning, I took that to mean that when we got their on Monday morning, she would have a house to show us. So, that one might have been my fault. And, I just figured that since it's the middle of May, temperatures would not, in fact, get down to thirty seven. Alas, wrong again.

The drive up there was about what you'd expect. We left at about five o'clock and drove thru until about one. The kids mostly slept (Scott) and watched Dora (Ava) and cried and threw up all over the place (Warren) while Mama and Daddy drowned them out with singing in the front seat. I got to see the New York City skyline when we drove over the George Washington Bridge, but then when we drove home in the daylight, I realized I'd been looking in the wrong place. The New York City skyline is a LOT bigger than what I was looking at that night.

Which leads me to an introspective question- why in the world did I want so badly to live there? I mean, it wasn't just a pipe dream, I actually made some plans when I was in high school to go there! All those people, all those tall buildings, the dirt, the smell...I don't even want to visit! My mom wants to plan a trip over there while we're in CT and honestly, after that Christmas in London, I could definitely do without a weekend in New York. Isn't that crazy? Just goes with my philosophy that high schoolers are stupid. If you are a highschooler who I'm trying to get to babysit, I am of course not talking about you. You are very smart and successful and I actually love you very much.

So we didn't get to go inside the houses, which will end up being a sweet surprise later, but I did snap some pics of the complexes from the streets. Every group of buildings has a nice playground, and then there's a big one at the community center, along with a pool slash water park type thing and a little fitness center. So, although I would never in a million years chose to buy this sort of house in this sort of neighborhood for myself, it's going to be pretty convenient to have all this to do with the kids. Minus the pool because it's friggin cold up there. And they have garages! For those of you who know me, you know that I have decided that a garage will solve all of my problems and make my life wonderful and perfect. It's sort of like a magical garage. And, for the final touch, they don't come with washers and dryers! So I get to bring mine in!!! HOORAY!!!

Here's the front of the townhouses...

And here's the back. See? I'll have enough room for their house and hopefully the slide too!

Here's some shots at the park.

And now, drumroll please....the housing lady called today and asked if, instead of the 1900 sq foot, four bedroom townhouse (which is quite bigger than what we live in now) we'd like to have a 2400 sq foot four bedroom duplex instead! Uh, yeah, of course we would!!! It's still just a one car garage, but come on, 2400 sq feet? That's almost DOUBLE our house!!! And the lady we met from our church who lives up there lives in that neighborhood and she said the four bedrooms are AWESOME! So the trip was a waste, but we got good news today. And the baby slept in his crib in his own room UNTIL SIX O'CLOCK this morning, and he's been in there napping for two and a half hours. So there, that's awesome.

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