Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Farm Fresh Anticipation

First of all, what a hard day of work! I was swamped all morning, which is rare for me, and I made a ridiculously simple mistake, which, unfortunately, is not quite so rare. So imagine my delight when I finally sat down for lunch, opened up my grocery store flyers, and found the Best Deal Ever at Farm Fresh.

Do I need seven more boxes of cereal? Probably not. Will I be going to Farm Fresh after work to get them? Absolutely!

Let me just give you my game plan. You ready Mom? A bunch of Kellogg's is on sale, two for five. I have a bunch of leftover Kellogg's coupons from two weeks ago, because the size boxes on sale were smaller than the coupons would allow. They're DOLLAR coupons! So today only, they'll double to TWO DOLLARS! I have exactly seven, plus a coupon for some chips ahoy. And that's how I know God wants me to have this cereal! The numbers are perfect because....if you buy eight of these particular items, you get five dollars off INSTANTLY!

Let me break it down. Eight items at two fifty a piece is $20.00. Seven one dollar coupons double is $14.00 off. The cookies coupon is only .55, which will be $1.10, bringing my total to $4.90 plus tax. You see where I'm going here? I don't know what tax is in VA (how can I not know this?) but let's just assume it's five percent, bringing my total to $5.14. I can't wait to see the look on the cashier's face when I get out FOURTEEN CENTS to pay for seven boxes of cereal and a box of cookies!

The cookies are for the kids. Hopefully, I have enough self control not to eat the entire bag in one sitting. I did really really good with the last two boxes of thin mints, so I have high hopes.

This is my life now. Getting my excitement from bargain shopping. Wanna know what fourteen divided by eight is? 1.75 That means each item I'm gonna buy is 0.017 cents. Man, I'm excited!

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