Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Pray for Me

So all of you who know me know what a worrier I am. When Nick and I first got together, I was out of control! I was to the point where, if I didn't have something to worry about, I was literally SICK with apprehension! I was worried about not worrying! Seriously? That's just not healthy! Naturally, I was drawn to Nick's beach bum attitude, and I think I've cut down a lot (maybe a little) on my worrying. Then I started my Beth Moore studies, and she goes on and on about how worrying is a sin, so then I cut back even more! Thanks Beth!

But alas, I am once again wrought with worry. Ya'll know how long we've been planning to go to the Seattle area. And me personally, I've been trying to get to the Pacific Northwest ever since I was a little tiny thing and my dad took us on a vacay up in the Redwood National Forest. I just fell in love ya'll! Mom, I know you don't understand it, but that's where I belong! I truly believe that that's where I'm supposed to be!

So I guess when you're in the real Navy, they do something called 'playing the slate.' The nurse corps does not do this. So Nick's 'slate' came up for where we'll be headed after his school in CT, and there are only five positions for Bangor!!! Granted, I have no idea how many people are 'playing' this slate, but five just doesn't seem like enough! I'm loosing my breath just thinking about this.

So now we have to decide how to play it. Obviously, we ask for a spot in Bangor. Duh. But you have to tell these detailers your second, third...on and on up to SEVENTH pick! There are seven possibilities! That's a LOT of worry!

So Bangor is the most important, but being on a boomer is a VERY close second. Almost a tie. See, with boomers, they don't do six month deployments. They do about three months in, three months out. And it's almost set in stone, so it would be easy to plan Baby Engelbrecht #4. And the only other place that has boomers is King's Bay, GA. I do NOT want to go to GA!!! We didn't start our life together in the Navy so that we could get stationed in the exact same environment that we already live in! So for my vote, GA is number six on the list.

I would also sort of like to go to Guam if we can't get Bangor, but that's a fast attack, which means six months out, plus all the little piddly underways whenever they feel like they need them. That sucks! But it's Guam. But if we put Guam second, what if they say 'hey, this guy doesn't mind Guam, let's just send him out there' and they don't even consider giving us Bangor? That would double SUCK.

So, pray for me. I know it's not my decision, that God is in control, but still. I believe that the Lord helps those who help themselves. Remember that story where the guy is on his roof in the flood, and all these boats and helicopters try to rescue him, and he says no, God will save me, then he drowns and when he gets to heaven, he asks God why God didn't save him and God says 'I sent you two boats and a helicopter, what more did you want?' I don't wanna be that guy! So I want to pray, and pray often, about this HUGE decision! I don't want to worry about it. Please pray for guidance for me, and for Nick, and peace of mind that once we've decided how to 'play' it, we'll have done all we can. We'll have accepted help from those boats and helicopter!

Here's what I'm thinking.
First: Bangor
Second: Guam
Third: Pearl Harbor
Fourth: Groton
Fifth: Norfolk
Sixth: San Diego
Seventh: Georgia

But we have to work which type of boat (boomer vs fast attack) and which actual job Nick wants! There's Eng, Weaps, and Nav. He wants Eng, I always thought weaps would be cool. That was Viggo Mortenson in Crimson Tide. And he says if he does get stuck on another fast attack, he wants to be Nav. Ugh.

But we're not doing this until we've exhausted ourselves with prayer and we're SURE that we're asking for what God wants us to ask for!

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