Saturday, May 16, 2009

Real Quick Lost Rant

disclaimer: this is a rambling post. I'm not going to talk about my darling children, so if that's the main reason you read about us, you may want to skip this. It's late, and I'm too excited about Lost to sleep!!!

Ohh, how I long for the days of my Navy career! The endless nights on 4J- before MID caught on to our antics-of watching reruns of Lost streaming on, the even longer nights on L&D pouring thru the blogs about different Lost theories and ideas and predictions and the Worst Moment Ever, when I stumbled upon a spoiler alert and proceeded thru it (because I'm cursed with a disease- I always read the end of books first!!! I hate it, but I can't stop!!! When my Harry Potter Seven came in the mail, I had to have Nick unwrap it and staple the last two hundred pages or so to the back cover so that I couldn't read any of them!!!) and found out that the season three ender was a FLASH FOREWARD... and just think, I was paid top dollar for all this! Good money went into my account on the first and fifteenth of every month, and I spent a good fifty percent of my time at 'work' obsessing over Lost!

But alas, now I have three small children and no 'job,' and so I am left to pick thru the episodes on my own, unless I want to risk one of those children spilling something or other on the laptop while I look for answers, or mauling one of their siblings, or getting their fingers into light sockets- I could go on for a while.

Did you watch the finale? Did you love it? I admit, I wasn't too into Lost this season because I think that time travel is stupid. Nick and I watched something on the science channel once about time travel, and it was all these real scientists- like multiple PhD's in physics and math!- talking about time travel and wormholes and people fitting thru something smaller than a million times smaller than an atom. Really? You really believe this? You poor, girlfriendless guys. Ohh, guys.

But maybe I didn't get into it because I didn't have time to obsess about it on the internet! Maybe. Anyway, point being, I was FANATICAL about the finale! At long long last, I figured something out ahead of time! Now, I always figure out what's going to happen next on all my favorite shows, ALWAYS. I always know who did it on CSI, I always know what's gonna go wrong next on the Office, you get the picture. I think it's the writer in me, I just really feel like I can relate to the writers. But with Lost- nada. I never get it right!

Until last night. Ohh, Locke. I knew that wasn't you, I just KNEW IT!!! I've been telling Nick that for weeks! But Nick doesn't watch Lost, and he's usually asleep in the recliner when I tell him, but still. He's there, and I told him, so he's proud of me.

Anyway. All this to say, I am rededicating myself as a Lost lover. AND, more importantly, I have finally started to think that just maybe those writers won't take the sissy way out and end this like Stephen King ended the Dark Tower- endless time loop with the characters never getting it right. Yeah, Roland got the horn, but I never really knew what that meant. I think, even if they do go the endless time loop route, the Lostaways are going to get it right, they'll remember that they've done this already. And change it. Man, I hope we're not in transit when the FINAL season starts! If so, Mom, you tivo it for me and I'll fly back and watch it with you!

I'm still clinging to the hope that Ben is "one of the good guys" like he's been saying all along. And I don't believe for one second that pretend Locke duped him into killing Jacob, I think that he and maybe even Jacob were behind the whole thing. Since when is Ben not in complete control? I hope Kate ends up alone because that's what she deserves, and I hope Jack finally grows a pair and quits whining. I hope Tall Walt comes back. I hope we see that Clue lady who stole Walt again. I guess I have high hopes for Season Six! Seems like an awful lot to cram into sixteen or so epidsodes....

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