Friday, May 8, 2009

Sweet Friday Morning

Well, I am becoming quite the little thumb typest on my blackberry. I didn't think anything could be easier than the cordless laptop with wireless internet connection, but alas. Now I can be even lazier. All I have to do is snag my beloved tiny red phone out of my purse and viola- the world wide web at my fingertips.

Scott and I are playing on the porch this sweet, sweet Friday morning. Reason number nine hundred fifty seven that I hate living in the Tidewater area? We literally went from it being to cold to play outside (for me, that's mid fifties and below) to too hot to play outside (mid eighties and up). Now, when you have two toddlers and a thirty year old, that's just not fair! Those three NEED to play outside! I hope they have spring and fall in the Pacific Northwest. Coming from Biloxi, spring and fall are mysteries to me...

Anyway. It's bearable before noon, so here we are. Not in the backyard with all the toys, but in the front, so that Scott can play with a chair and a stick. Scott, do you want mama to bring out some legos or trains? No, I'll just play with this stick. Alright buba.

Warren slept from ten until seven, praise the Lord! Could be just a little lethargy from getting his vaccinations yesterday, but I'm gonna give him the benefit of the doubt, at least for now. And he's been great about his new routine, he's down for a nap right now as a matter of fact. Two hours up, hour and a half down. Obviously, we're trying to get down for longer, but hey, it's only been two days! The sucky thing is, I'm dedicated to this, which means that I didn't get to go the gym this morning after I dropped off Ava, which was my plan. Huh. Whatrya gonna do, right?

Warren weighs thirteen pounds, is twenty four inches tall, and has a nice, normal forty cm head. That's so tall!!! He's the first tall Engelbrecht! Sevent fifth percentile as a matter of fact! Wow.

And at WW last night, I only lost about half a pound. Which sucks, but whatever. As the leader reminded me when I almost started crying, that's two sticks of butter. So I guess that's supposed to make me feel like less of a fatty. It just sucks because I worked my tail off at the gym all week, and I didn't eat ANY of the activity points that I earned! Hmph.

All right, that's it for now. Up next? Scott's potty training woes.

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