Friday, May 1, 2009

Who's Who?

Let's see if you can tell. Now, I'm supposed to be cleaning the house for the inspection, and instead I'm going thru all our pics at Walgreens trying to find matching ones, so don't hold it against me that they don't match perfectly. After we have #4, I plan on finding perfect matches for this scrapbook layout I have planned. And, shocker, I now hope #4 is a boy! Can you believe it? All right, here we go.

Well, to take the suspense out, it's always going to be Ava on top, Scott in the middle, and Dub Dub (as Scott is now calling him) on the bottom. But you get the point!

Yes, that's the same swing! Thanks Ryan and Melissa! Whoever says kids stuff is crap and won't last, the Engelbrecht's are living proof! And my kids are terrors. Scott actually spent about thirty minutes in that swing the other day and it's fine. So is my Peg stroller, Peg carseat, and out big crib, dresser and changing table (thanks Grandpa Kenny!) So having lots of kids doesn't have to cost you a fortune, you just have to be smart about the timing. All right, moving on...

And for this one, even I could barely tell the difference between Ava and Warren. Probably doesn't help that we handed the gown Ava is wearing down, so it really could be any of them! But it's her, trust me. I keep the pics VERY organized online, it's the only part of my life that's actually in perfect order.

And last one for the day...

So there you go. While I think that Warren and Scott look enough alike that people should still assume they're brothers, I gotta admit that Scott's the odd man out here. Ava and Warren are like, identical! Minus the fact that it was a rare day she wasn't dressed in head to toe pink (I really wanted a girl) and she had earrings at six weeks on the dot. And Warren is a LOT bigger. But still. Their coloring is the same, and their features are VERY similar. Poor Scott. Being the middle child can be the pits. But with those blue oh man.


  1. I tried to change my background. I went to because that's what's on yours and i did what it said but it's all messed up. Help !

  2. i think warren looks like ava in the baby pictures!