Tuesday, June 9, 2009

And the Rest of the Pics

And, since I had over two hundred pics to go thru, I had to just pile these last eleven into a junk category.

Yes, I know that Scott is too big for a paci, but you know what? Please keep all opinions on this to yourself. The big kids use them to sleep, and occasionally when Scott is feeling very insecure, I let him have it during the day. Needless to say, he had a rough few days with those big girls ganging up on him, pretending he was a monster, he was Swiper the fox, he was a jellyfish (?) And for those of you who really really want to say something, the AAP says it's okay up to four years as long as it's not interfering with speech. And, as someone who sucked her thumb into her college years, despite the teasing and humiliation that came along with it, I will do ANYTHING to keep their thumbs out of their mouths, even letting them have a paci when they're nine. So there.

The next seven are on the playground that Joel and Becca have in their backyard. Some are blurry, but you can see how happy the kids are, so I went ahead and put them on.

So there you go. Now I'm even more ready to move! Unless you've been in a too-small house with three kids three and under, you won't understand what it feels like to spread out! Since the kids were being babies, we all slept in their master bedroom, and it was so huge that we didn't even notice! I'm just so excited to get to CT and even after that, to start house hunting in WA, fingers crossed!

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