Friday, June 5, 2009

Ava Nichole

So we're driving to SC to spend the weekend with our oldest friends, Joel and Becca, and their two girls. We all met at Auburn, Joel was in our wedding, we were in nursing school together (a year apart) and they lived right up the road in VA and Joel and I worked on floors at the hospital that backed up to each other. Me and Becca did our first two pregnancies together, and now she's finally joining the Mom of Three club!

Anyway, so we're in the car and I threw some Fruit by the Foot at the kids for a snack. Relax, they each ate a banana first. So Ava peeled them off the papers and then she wanted to do a 'wishbone' with it, so she and Scott each pulled it until it ripped. Naturally, Ava won.

Nick asked her what she wished for. A pony? New toy? Anything normal?

No. My daughter wished for chicken. As in, to eat. For lunch. My goodness.

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  1. How do you have time to blog so much? Sheesh. I can't ever even think of anything to write.