Friday, June 12, 2009

The Best Day of Your Life

Let me tell you, my older son is a crazy vacuuming fool. If vacuuming is even a word. I had to run upstairs for something or other, and I shouted down to him on my way up that if he picked up the living room, we could vacuum real quick. Well, when I came back down, there was not one single toy on the floor! Not one! So I vacuumed, and then let him have at it while I fed the baby. All right, while I tiptoed around snapping pics of him :) If you're thinking to yourself 'why is this crazy lady taking all these pics of her retarded kid with a vacuum, that by the way costs more than any other thing that they own' then you don't know Scott very well. Simply put, he loves vacuums. He adores them. He will look at these pics when he wakes up from naps and just laugh and squeal with delight. So, I guess I took them for him.

Here he is moving the rug so that he could clean under it. I had already vacuumed at this point, but I never move the rugs, so he actually got dirt EVERYWHERE when he did it. But, dedicated little bugger that he is, he vacuumed it right up! Yes, I let him play with it WHILE IT'S ON. I know it cost a fortune. He's very careful, you have no idea.Let me explain that in the shot above, he's microscopically moving the rug because a teeny tiny fraction of the corner was up on the wall. And we can't have that, not with an OCD two year old in the house!

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