Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Morning in Our Life

Well it's 8:03 on a Thursday, one of my full-time-stay-at-home-mama days. A golf show has taken over my morning of Matt Lauer and the kids are being super well behaved, leaving me with a little sliver of blog/facebook time. How nice!

We are waiting to go to the gym because Warren is STILL IN BED! That's right, he's been sleeping thru (for the most part) for a few weeks now. Boy, were we wrong in assuming that he'd do it even earlier than Scott. He's even older than Ava was! But it's happening, and that's what counts, right?

Ava is my little early bird. Or rather, Nick's little early bird. We've tried keeping her up later than our regular seven thirty bedtime, but it doesn't make a difference- that child gets up at six in the morning, every morning, no matter what. Ohh, pray for me when we head to CT. Nick will have to be to school by seven, leaving me to do morning duty. It will be a HUGE change from my usual eight, eight thirty wake up time.

Scott usually lasts a little longer, especially now that we've convinced Ava NOT to shout at him to wake up at six so that she can 'read' him a story. Lately, I've been having to get him up at eight so that we can get Ava to school! So, Scott definitely takes after Mama.

Here they are this morning, pretending to go to bed on the living room floor. Hey kids, want me to take you upstairs and you can 'pretend' to sleep in your beds? :)

And sweet baby Warren. The other day I set up under his jungle gym for some tummy time while I got Scott a snack. He was laughing for a while, then fussing for a little bit, but nothing big. After snacks, I went in there to get him and I found him fast asleep on the floor!!! Have you EVER seen anything more precious? I highly doubt it.

And here's a shot of the Engelbrecht kiddos. I think it captures them pretty well, don't you?

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