Thursday, June 4, 2009

Old Pictures (And Lots of Them)

Talking about my little sister's graduation and the original Katrina Pool made me get all sentimental, so I pulled out our photo album, cried, and decided to post some pics from that trip. Now, I love all my children equally, blah blah blah. Isn't Ava the most precious child you have EVER seen? In your entire life?!?!? This one above is me and my two sisters, Arika and Nikki, and Nikki's daughter Mia. Mia is the baby that started it all! One weekend with her when she was about six weeks old, and I was hooked, I wanted babies, and I wanted them NOW!

This one below is part of a thing that Extreme Makeover Home Edition did out on the beach in Biloxi. They were the only people in the media who even seemed to notice that Biloxi had been devastated too. Needless to say, cried when I saw it. I guess it's the wall of water that washed my parent's house away.
So there you go, that's what we did when we were a teeny tiny family of three.

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