Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Our New House

Oh my goodness, I'm so excited! Nick called the housing office b/c he's been obsessed with viewing the floorplan for our base house up in CT, and he said she was totally nice and gave him all these pictures! I know it's stupid and no one cares, but I'm so excited that I just HAVE to post these. Forget old houses, I'm totally over them! When we get to WA, we're going for one of those new-construction, zero character, cookie cutter nightmares, so that I can get a dream kitchen. Maybe. Anyway, we got our address too! Have I mentioned how excited I am?

Now, I know I'm the only woman on the planet who doesn't like hardwood floors...the grit just drives me nuts, and I hate wearing socks. Guess I could clean up every now and then...nah. I'll just wear socks. Notice how both my and my next door neighbor's entire houses would fit into this living room...

Here's two shots of the kitchen...Gas stove! I've been getting really worried about that! The idea of having to cook on electric-ugh. Turns my stomach. The Lord listens, ya'll. You think He wouldn't give a hoot about those piddly little things, but if it's important to you, it's important to Him. Most important realization of my life! Anyway.

The downstairs bathroom. I have to specify because there's THREE BATHROOMS! Real ones too, not a toilet in the laundry room/pantry/storage closet. Real bathrooms with sinks and mirrors and bathtubs and no costco boxes of diapers stored in every nook and cranny! Well, I'll store them there if I have to. But you get the point.

Master bathroom. For those of you who don't know what that is, it's a magical place where a husband and wife can brush their teeth without spitting toothpaste into each other's hair, where they can take shower without tripping on Elmo and Bert and Ernie and Thomas and James and Percy in the bottom of the tub, where women can reach for their eyeliner in a drawer and not come up with a crayon...ohh, master bathroom. We are going to be such good friends, I just know it. I can't wait to meet you!


And the final, best, most wonderful, blessed, longed-for, appreciated room in the whole house. The walk in closet. I don't think I need to say anything else. Sigh. Note how Warren's nursery would fit right there in that little corner.


  1. Wow, such a nice house!! Too bad you will only be there 5 months. You are going to want to be there longer than that!! Anyways....miss you and I will send you some pictures in the mail.

  2. Wow, so excited for y'all. But don't leeaave! Who'll pop over the fence to say hello and feed my dog mulch? :)