Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Personal Training

So I finally got up the nerve to sign in for a personal trainer at the gym! She's great, her name is Carol Ann and she's super skinny and really fit, she's so cute. I'm going to go for four sessions, and yesterday I had my very first one. I've never lifted free weights, but since the Y in Groton doesn't have childcare, I'll be stuck working out at home. This is going to be VERY devastating for me! I spend a good two hours at the gym just about every weekday, except Wednesdays. I don't work out the whole time, but once you add everything together, it's about two hours of free time!

Okay, trying not to think too much about that.

So she was teaching me all these exercises to do, and of course, two of them were squats and lunges. When we were done, I had to hang out for about ten minutes because I couldn't walk down the stairs to get out!!! DOWN!!! Then when I got home, Nick practically had to carry me up the stairs! So I took a motrin and heaved my aching body into bed.

And woke up to a horror movie! I can't bend my legs, I can't walk, I can't sit or get off of the chair. I can't raise or lower my arms. I can't lean too far back or too far forward because of something between my ribs that I didn't even know was muscle.

Nick teased me before I went and told me he hoped I didn't cry. I CRIED. Just a little, when she put me on the ab ball. I'm not making excuses, but the tops of my abs separated way back when I was preggo with Ava, and I never really did anything about it after that. I could only do three sit ups (she wanted me to do twenty four!!!) and I was right in front of a mirror and there was a sorority girl right behind us...but it was just a few tears. Just a few.

Here's hoping I can keep this up! Weight Watchers obviously wants you to do cardio, but they are VERY big on strength training. And, strength training lessens the risk of osteoporosis, and it's linked to a lower chance of breast cancer! As an oncology nurse, this is big news!

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