Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Pics From Hilton Head Beach Day

So on Saturday we got all packed up and headed out to Hilton Head to go to the beach. It was overcast, which was actually a blessing, because it meant we didn't have the sun beating down on us all day. And the rain the night before packed down all the sand, so Ava wasn't afraid of it! That part was amazing. Look at my little cheese muffin.

Scott was content to send his noodles down the way in this awesome little tide pool we set up camp next to- it was awesome! I never really appreciated how convenient those little puddles are! We did go into the real ocean a few times, but mostly, the kids were all totally happy to play right in that puddle!

Here's Scott dumping a shovelful of sand in Olivia's hair-sorry Becca!

Best shot of all four.

The girls running away from Scott. Poor kid.

Wouldn't be Engelbrechts if there wasn't food involved...

And I'm sure you can guess what Warren did all afternoon...

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