Monday, June 22, 2009

Seventeen Thousand Pictures from Busch Gardens

You wanna see some pictures? Oh, I've got plenty!

Here we are at the entrance, waiting for everyone to get together. We met Ryan, Melissa, and Real Live Baby Nathan, and our friends from next door, Aimee Rice and her three year old son, Owen. The entrance is so pretty! We're still trying to get our family picture done, and I couldn't help but think we should do it there, with all those pretty blue flower things and the water...but alas. Not gonna do it. BTW, I'm getting quite the collection of pics of the back of Scott's head.

Here we all are on that water ride. Ava is now tall enough to ride ALONE!!! And she wanted to! I myself think it would be boring to be alone, but she thought she was just the coolest thing since sliced bread.

Here's Ryan (Ava's boyfriend) and Real Live Baby Nathan, who isn't really a baby anymore, he's fifteen months!

And Aimee and Owen.

Some action shots on the slides in Dragon Land...and yes, that's Ryan!
Let me tell you right quick that I'm terrified of heights. I'm not 'afraid of falling' like people always go on about, I am afraid of being up high. I even get short of breath when people are up high on TV, even if they're like, in an office. Ick. But, my darling children wanted to go across this net that musta been seventy four stories high, so there I am. And yes, I'm wearing a skirt while all the other kids play below me. I started panicking about halfway across and this dad on the other side had to talk me over. Very dramatic.

Daddy and Scott on some sort of dragon ride...

I was begging for formula at this point, so I'm not sure...guess she's in some sort of volcano?

Daddy and Scott on the carousal, isn't this a great picture?

Ava, Scott and Owen on the Clydesdale ride.

Aimee and Ava petting one of those huge horses. They really are huge ya'll.

Some character shots.

Some shots of this ferris wheel type ride, I think they're all in some dragon eggs or something like that. Weird.

And lastly, Ava, Owen and Scott in some kind of boat ride. Kids are so dumb. But hey, they like what they like, right? We had a blast, thanks for coming with us guys!

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