Monday, June 15, 2009

So we bought our first computer game for the kids. For Ava. I grew up in a pretty strict No Video Game family, and Nick was allowed to play but never really got into it, so I sort of had this fantasy that our kids would never play either. And truthfully, unless we get a Wii, we probably will never get a console, or whatever they're called. And even a Wii I'm not in total support of.

But then we got to thinking, how much do you do on the computer? Besides spending hours a day reading blogs and facebooking, I mean? You pay bills, check your bank accounts, talk to friends and family, shop, plan menus and grocery trips, and this is all at home. Then at work, forget it! We don't even use paper and pens anymore in the clinic I'm at. So, they probably need to at least understand how the mouse works, right?

So off to Target we went, and got some sort of Elmo and Big Bird teach you how to count and learn your colors. Eh. Poor Ava is totally retarded with her right hand, but I called our Resident Lefty Expert and she said to stick with the right, so that's what we're gonna do. I got frustrated and abandoned her, but Nick stuck it out and said she did really really well.

So that's what's weighing on my heart tonight. Seems like a silly thing, but it hurts when the things you've planned for your kids- your very own flesh and blood- don't work out. Am I being ridiculous? Yes. Am I still worried that she'll become addicted to porn or turn into one of those people in black trench coats who play Halo? Yes. But I also don't want her to be the only person still alive who doesn't know how to point and click.


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