Monday, June 1, 2009

Sunday Funday

I have been fighting these allergies like there's no tomorrow, so Nick took the kids to church while I lay on the couch all morning, surrounded with Kleenex and cough medicine. I need prescription strength allergy medicine, but I'm just too 'busy' to go to the doctor. And by 'busy' of course, I mean lazy.

After naps, we got out the sprinkler after the kids begging us for twenty minutes, then they played in it for seven minutes before begging for the Katrina Pool.

For those of you who weren't around in 2005-2006, my parents house washed away during Hurricane Katrina, I had a nervous breakdown and went into preterm labor with Ava, it was a whole big thing. Well, our pool washed away too, and it is HOT in Biloxi during the summer. So when we all went down in May 06 for Arika's graduation, my mom so graciously bought us one of those little pink plastic pools, so that the grownups could get their feet wet and the babies could keep from actually melting to death. And for me, at least, the name stuck. As soon as I got home, we got our own Katrina Pool!

Then we had to take a break to handle Baby Nathan. Thank goodness he didn't end up in the pool, Wal Mart no longer carriers him!!!

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