Monday, July 13, 2009


Well, we have arrived. Hurricane Engelbrecht. My poor mother and her poor, poor cat. My children have swept through this place, destroying everything in their wake, with no regard at all for things that are 'important' or 'breakable' or 'priceless and irreplaceable.' And as for Anna the Cat...well, she just stays outside. At all times. Until, of course, my children go out. Poor Anna.

Here's how we spent the drive down here. I wish. But they did sleep a lot, and it was a pretty easy drive.

Arika drove down from Hattiesburg on Wednesday to see Nick and introduce me to Brody...and he's even bigger in real life! Brandi, I think he's bigger than Lee was!

Arika seemed a little overwhelmed at how MUCH my children are. It's hard to explain, except to other mothers of more than one. They're not naughty (sometimes) but they're just...a lot. They do a lot, they talk a lot, they eat a's just a little much.

The gym that I was so excited about finding? Turned out to be a total ripoff! They wanted a hundred and fifty dollars for a JOINING FEE! Even though I was only joining for one month! We worked it out to get rid of that fee, but I'm paying a lot lot lot more than I was at the Y in Virginia. And then there was a fiasco with the kids' shot records. Who ever heard of needing shot records for drop in care at a gym? Not me. But I went up to the base here and the tech in the immunizations clinic- who was the nicest man I've ever met, by the way- filled in all the paperwork for me.

Wanna hear something crazy? You know how like, I'm always telling you how God cares about the silly little stuff, if it's important to me? Well, I was going to take the baby with me to get all this paperwork filled in, and leave the big kids with my mom. But when I was getting ready, Scott said he wanted to go. So I took Scott. And he was behind on one of his shots! The tech told me that he couldn't do the form for 'Nicholas' until he got the shot, I'd have to bring him back in. I was just floored! I told him that Scott WAS Nicholas, asked if he could give him the shot, and dropped of the paperwork on my way home. If I hadn't had Scott with me, I'd have had to go back, get him, go back to the base...ugh. I'm just so grateful.

So Nick left Thursday morning. Let's just say I'm not adjusting very well to being a single mother of three kids aged three and under. I always knew he did a lot, but ya'll. He does A LOT. I can't hardly keep my head above the water here! I'm exhausted, Warren is getting up to eat at three in the mornings, I've had a headache since I got's been awful. So I broke down last night, and my wonderful mother took the baby and told me to go to bed at nine. And then, instead of dumping that kid in my room at eleven when he fell asleep, she took him to the pack and play in her own room and let him sleep with her! AND GOT UP WITH HIM AT THREE!!! Thank the Lord. I woke today feeling refreshed, revitalized, and ready to roll.

The little booger has taken two ninety minute naps today (as opposed to the twenty minute catnaps the rest of this overwhelming week) so I'm hoping he sleeps thru tonight. Then we're out the door in the morning to go back to the gym, which is actually very nice. Just not as nice as they seem to think, considering the price. There's a big giant playground that they take the big kids on, and Warren was the only infant the other day, so the girl held him the whole time. I skipped Weight Watchers last week, so I'm gonna work out like a crazy person this week and pray that I never see in print the weight that I gained over Fourth of July.

Well that's it for now. The computer is in the room that Ava sleeps in, so it's pretty hard to get on it. I'll try to update every now and then on my phone I guess...

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