Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Feeling Better

As usual, in retrospect, I may have over-reacted just a teeny tiny bit. I know, I know, Jennifer? Over-react? Jennifer? A little dramatic? No way!

I mean, did I really think that Warren was never ever going to sleep again? Well, actually, yes, I sort of did. But yesterday, we got an hour and a half in the morning, a forty minutes in the mid afternoon, and an hour before dinner. And he slept until five, then I plopped him in my bed and rolled away so that I could keep sleeping. Yes, I know how dangerous this is, and how you can't ever let them sleep with you cause they'll get spoiled and never leave your bed. Please. Keep those opinions to yourself unless you really want to get me riled up.

Today has been even better! Two hours this morning-I had to call the gym and tell them I was going to be late! And I was sure to tell them that it was because my baby was FAST ASLEEP! They probably think I'm a crazy person. Oh well. And we're an hour and fifteen minutes into an afternoon nap right now. Imagine me breathing a sigh of relief. I have time to think! I have time to relax! I have time to blog! Unless you really know me and what a crybaby I am, you have no idea the weight that has been lifted off my shoulders, just by these two days of naps. Thanks for all your prayers.

But speaking of the gym, I'm a little disappointed. As a rule, I don't wear shorts, so I don't really mind that my thighs are wiggly, but what's up with my arms? That bat wing part on the bottom, where you're supposed to have a tricep? I mean, I've been lifting weights consistently for two months, and they're still flopping around like I'm trying to get airborne. How much longer is that going to last? Any tips?

And as long as we're talking about all the ways my body has betrayed me, I want to clear up the whole mustache situation. You may or may not have noticed in my pictures that I have a moustache. IT'S NOT A MUSTACHE!!! Every time I get my eyebrows waxed, they wanna do my lip, but it's NOT hair! It's just this really dark patch of skin, it's so gross! It came after I delivered Scott and stayed in place until I got pregnant with Warren, then came back in full force after I delivered him. Sheesh, can't a girl get a break? Is it hormones? Will it ever go away? If I can get a referral for dermatology (which I probably never will be able to) will he be able to fix it? Has anyone else ever had this problem? It's so embarrassing! I'm assuming it's like that line on my belly from being pregnant. Anyway, I just wanted to clear that up, in case you're looking at a picture of me and my kids and you're thinking, 'dang, why doesn't that girl wax her moustache?' Believe me, short of buying the hundred and twenty five dollar tube of miracle skin fixer that a girl at Norstrom's (sp?) tried to sell me, I've tried everything. I fear my moustache is here to stay. At least until Nick makes admiral, then I'm getting that cream!

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  1. Hey girl, your post made me laugh while I'm stuck at the hospital on call, so thanks! You probably have Melasma from pregnancy. It can be treated with Retin-A, hydroquinone or this new topical called Tri-Luma. Your family doc can prescribe these :) We're thinking about y'all and pray Warren keeps sleeping!