Monday, July 6, 2009

Moving Day-Part One

Well, here we are, starting our two day journey to Biloxi. Said goodbye to friends last night, said goodbye to my beloved (but outgrown) house this morning, and now we're sitting in line at the HRBT to say goodbye to the tunnel. We've been waiting for about forty five minutes to get thru. Needless to say, this is one goodbye that I say with absolute glee.

We're headed over to Tennessee to drop off cousin Mia and spend the night with my sister, then tomorrow is the real trip. It should take about twelve hours, with stops. Do I sound excited?

Then it's about six weeks in Biloxi before we head to out house in CT. We're thinking of taking a full three days for that trip since it's more than twenty two hours! We'll sit down and find fun places to stay the night, hopefully with indoor pools. There's just something about a hotel with an indoor pool, isn't there? I'm hoping we get to drive thru Auburn and maybe grab lunch at Niffers. It'll probably be our very last chance!

And then we'll just be getting settled in CT and waiting for the detailer to make the assignments. Trust me, you'll be the first to know where we're going after that. I'm on three waiting lists for preschools for the big kids in CT and let me tell you, Ava is desperate for some stimulation!

So that's our life in a nutshell right now. There's no spellchecker on my blackberry, so I apologize if this post is full of mistakes.

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