Monday, July 13, 2009

Visit with Angela

So all thru junior high and high school, I had this best friend, Angela. Like, the kind of best friends they make movies about. We were inseparable, we knew everything about each other, we could pretty much read each other's minds. I don't really think we ever had a real falling out, we just sort of drifted apart senior year, and then she went to Louisiana for college, and I went to Auburn and we lost touch. It broke my heart, but I never did more than send a Christmas card either so...

Anyway, this year she sent one back, and we've been email friends and facebook friends and then we finally got together the other night! I was so scared it was going to be super awkward, and I'll be honest, at first it sorta was, but after about thirty minutes, we just got into the flow and it was pretty much like old times! I kept saying 'Wow, you sound like such a grownup' because the last time I spoke to her, we were just kids! Very twilight zone.

She brought her gorgeous daughter Aiden over for dinner, and ya'll know what Ava was doing all night. Playing Mama. That girl...she just doesn't want to do ANYTHING more than be a mama! I mean, it's out of control how maternal that kid is!

I didn't manage to sneak any pics of Angela, but here is her lovely daughter. Aiden is almost seven months old! That's my favorite age, right around nine months, when they get their little personalities and they start getting around! I'm gonna try to get some shots of me and Angela next time we hang out.

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