Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Warren Ray

Yesterday was Dub's four month appointment, can you even believe it? I sure can't! Ready for the stats? Drumroll please...fifteen pounds, eleven ounces, and twenty six inches tall!!! Not that I would ever want to compare my children, but he is both taller and leaner than a certain other butterball that we used to know. Nick rolls his eyes, but I worry about how Scott's gonna feel if Warren is taller than he is!

Took his shots like the champ that he is. How's the battle of the naps going, you wonder? Well, I taped (yes, TAPED) a bunch of blankets over his window, college dorm style, to make it black as night in there (since he sleeps so great at night, seriously!) and Nick suggested watching him closer for signs that he's tired (like, duh, that one shoulda been obvious) and today he's sleeping like a true Engelbrecht. Thank the Lord! Of course, tomorrow starts the craziness...and now that's I'm writing this out, I wonder if the daylight is why Ava Nichole wakes up at six on the dot every single morning. Hmmm.....

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