Saturday, August 29, 2009

Couponing in Connecticut

So I've been pouring over the sales ads and clipping like crazy to get my coupon collection back up to par, but the stores here are weird! They double up to 99 cents like everyone else, but instead of doubling dollars on Wednesdays or something simple like that, the print "double" coupons in the ads, so you clip those and stack them with your own, and then you can double three or four dollar coupons. That's it, three or four. What?!?!

So I finally got everything all worked out and headed to the Stop and Shop on Thursday. And while I was wandering around wondering why the sales ad didn't match up with what I was seeing on the aisles, I remembered another weird Connecticut thing. They print their ad on Thursday (instead of Wed, like the entire rest of the country) but it runs from Friday to Thursday. So the sales I was after didn't even start till the next day. Sheesh.

But I was persistent, and check it out!
-one tube covergirl lipstick, regularly $11, for 6.25 (I hate to spend money on new shades, because what if they look silly? This new shade does wonders for the 'stache, and it really does last a long time!)
-two cans shaving cream, on sale for $2 each, for FREE (doubled the two one dollar coupons!)
-two packs shick (sp?) disposal razors, BOGO for $7.50 but I had five dollars worth of coupons for that, so I got two packs for $2.50!!! That's a buck and a quarter for a pack of shavers! Yowza!
-and then a pack of chicken drumsticks for 99 cents a pound. I had to get my total over 15 bucks (after card savings) to be able to use my stupid "double your coupon" coupons.
So, grand total before any savings: $38.65
total after card savings: $22.57
Total OOP after coupons: $11.90
That's like, the price that the lipstick woulda been on a regular day. And look at all I got!

It's not anything like the awesome hauls I used to get at Harris Teeter, but I think it's a pretty nice start. And ya'll, the commissary here is amazing! It's little and sort of run down, but the prices are significantly better than the Wal Mart. And you know how much I LOVE not having to go to Wal Mart. So for those of you who don't coupon, START!

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  1. Welcome to CT. I too find it more difficult to coupon in CT than I did when I lived in Texas. I live in a town neighboring Groton, CT. We're not Navy but have lots of Navy friends. I've recently gotten back into couponing and have found that Shop Rite across the bridge seems to have better couponing opportunities.