Thursday, August 20, 2009

Gourmet Fantasies

So, most of you know that while I'm not that spectacular, I really enjoy cooking. Even though dinner comes at the worst part of the day (the whining hour) and my kids usually only eat one bite and after a while the left-overs get moldy, I still love to cook. And actually, Nick does too. Believe it or not, we actually have bickered a few times over who gets to dice up the onions and who gets to do the actual glory work. Weird, I know.

So naturally, when Julie&Julia came out, I was there on opening night. Now, as the mother of three kids aged three and under, and up until recently a full time work-out-of-the-house nurse, I don't make the kinds of things Julie does in the movie. I make thirty minute meals, and Sam the Cooking Guy, and recipes from the back of a can of cream of chicken soup. Julie sometimes didn't even start eating till ten thirty! That's almost ninety minutes past MY BEDTIME!

But I so long to give those recipes a try. I'm hate to admit that I'm a super picky eater, just because I've always eaten the same five things and never really cared to expand my horizons until I went off to college, and by then my taste buds were pretty stubborn. But with Nick's help and a few pregnancy cravings over the last five years (can you believe I never ate sour cream until I got preggo with Ava?!?!) I've slowly but surely tried new things. But Nick will eat anything, so if I could find the time to cook these fantastic recipes, he'd eat them. And we follow the philosophy that when children are hungry, they'll eat. So eventually the kids would eat them too.

Since I'm too scared to actually tackle Julia child, this is the cookbook I want to try.

Doesn't it look fantastic? So elegant, you just know those recipes will be divine, don't you? So, that's my fantasy. That I could somehow find the time to love on my kids during their icky "we're tired and hungry and too young to understand that if we just sat down on the couch to relax we'd feel so much better" phase of the night, but also enjoy making a fantastic, gourmet meal. I mean, I don't want my children to be in therapy one day saying 'yeah, she made a great dinner, but I just wanted a hug every now and then' right? Sigh. If you've seen the movie, you had to notice that neither Julie nor Julia had any kiddos.

On a totally separate note, has anyone been watching the revamp of Who Wants to be a Millionaire? Last night, the expert was KEN JENNINGS!!! Like THE Ken Jennings! And only one friggin person called him! And he got it WRONG! It was such a bummer! I would have called him the first chance I got, even if I knew the answer, just to talk to him! Those contestants were morons. I don't think anyone's gonna win the big time.

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  1. We can tackle that cookbook out here together!! Yay!! I seriously can't wait! I miss you!