Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Moving Day, Part Two

Part two, day one. But I didn't want this post title to look ridiculous.

So, after six weeks with Grandma and Grandpa in Biloxi, we finally decided it was time to head to Connecticut. So we loaded up our entired mini van, our travel trailer, and stashed everything else wherever we found an inch of space-as usual, we have WAY TOO MUCH STUFF!- and hit the open road yesterday.

It's twenty two hours of driving, most of which I have to do in the backseat, which makes me carsick, so we decided to break it up into three days. It's nice to take our time and swim at the hotels and all, but I'm so anxious to see the house!

Since Auburn was right on the way, we stopped for some pictures and to see a friend, and to drive around and say 'ohh, remember this and that?' BUT they were having summer graduation! We couldn't get anywhere near anything! Total bummer, I seriously almost cried.

But we did snap a few shots across the street from Samford Hall. You can sorta make it out in the back here. (Notice the clean new AU shirts!)

Then we met Laura and her family at Niffer's for lunch. Look how skinny she is! Not that she was ever fat or anything, but man! Needless to say, that made me feel pretty hopeless concerning Weight Watchers. So I ate an order of fried pickles and a chicken salad sandwhich. And it was so good.

Laura and I had our first two babies together, so Ava and Olivia are actually the same age. Hard to believe, I know. Ava eats like a football player, I don't know why she's such a runt.

And Scott and Noah are the same age too. Couldn't get any shots of them together, but they're more the same size.

Laura didn't join me for Baby Number Three though. Maybe that's why her kiddos are so well behaved!

We ended this leg of the trip in Greenville, SC. Fantastic hotel, nice pools, but the big kids are sharing a bed in the other room. Which means they're running around laughing. Goodness.

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