Saturday, August 15, 2009

Mystic Aquarium

Well, I'm certainly finding plenty to do to put off unpacking. Today, we headed down to Mystic, this super cute little coastal town that looks like something right out of a movie, and went to the aquarium. The usual Engelbrecht antics ensued. We had a really good time though, except for the dang heat! It's not anywhere near as miserably hot as it was in Biloxi, but man! I thought it would be midseventies, nice breezes...wrong! Connecticut is just as hot as anywhere else!

Here we go, Scott interacting with a penguin...

Kids working up the nerve to touch this huge crab!

Waiting for the beluga whales to eat their breakfast (gross!)

Waiting to get bigger...

We had a fantastic lunch at the park, then headed home to be productive while the kids napped. Nick cleaned out his entire shop. I watched some old reruns of Criminal Minds. Hmmm...

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