Saturday, August 15, 2009

Splash Park

In the neighoborhood right next to ours, there's this little splash park type thing. So, while I treated myself to the Time Traveler's Wife at the World's Most Outdated Movie Theater, Daddy took the kids to splash around. Apparently, it was loads of fun. I, however, very much enjoyed my time away. Remember, I've had these kids to myself for five weeks, something I'm very very unaccustomed to! I've always known Nick was better than most other dads out there, but until those weeks in Biloxi, I didn't realize how much better he really is!

On a different note, the playroom has, as expected, gotten away from us. It is OUT OF CONTROL how many toys we have! I filled up four paper grocery bags, one plastic trash bag, and took them all to goodwill, and you can't even tell I took anything out of there! Ya'll, I'm dead serious, the trunk of the van was FULL of toys to donate, and I can still operate a mid sized toy store out of my front room! I'd post a picture, but I'm too ashamed!

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