Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Weight Watchers Update

Well, I normally wouldn't celebrate a gain, BUT since I've been eating like I'm pregnant (I'm not!) and exercising like the laziest person alive (I am!) I actually do feel like celebrating the fact that I only gained point four pounds. Which keeps me in the one fifties. By point two pounds. Sigh. I gotta say, the one sixties were really super hard to get out of, and I do NOT want to go back! Although, going down into the one fifties, even if it's 159.8, means I get only 23 points now, instead of the 24 that I've enjoyed for so so so long. Another sigh.

So I went to my first CT meeting! I haven't found the Yankees up here to be quite as rude as I'd expected, but they definitely are NOT Southerners, know what I mean? The leader was fantastic, as opposed to the annoying leader in Biloxi, and there was this (annoying) mom there with her kids, one of them was like seven and the other was probably three. Ish. Hard for me to tell because my three year old looks like an eighteen month old. So this three ish year old is talking and acting up and being typical (HOORAY! I love it when I realize that I don't own the two naughtiest children in America, that sometimes other kids do the SAME THINGS!) until near the end of the meeting.

When she squatted down in the front of the room next to the leader.

And peed on the carpet.

And her mom giggled.

That's all I'm gonna say. I'm not gonna judge, because we lucked out and one day Ava said "I'm gonna use the potty now" and she never had an accident. She potty trained herself in a day. So I won't say anything about how disgusting this was, or about the mother's reaction. I'm just gonna let it go.

So we drove down to Hartford (up to Hartford? Your guess is as good as mine. Just yesterday I realized that we're actually on the coast. Like, the coast of the ocean. Mississippi public schools, how you've failed me) to pick up my...PRECOR EFX MACHINE!!! We said we'd look into getting one if we ended up going to Guam because naturally, they don't have a YMCA with childwatch out there. But the Y here is way over in Mystic and inconvenient with naps and preschool and all the TV I need to watch, so we just went ahead and got it now. Isn't it beautiful? It's the kind they use in gyms, it's so so so so so super duper nice.

So we cleaned out the spot in the bedroom for it, drove out and got it, Nick made friends with a neighbor who agreed to lift the two hundred pounds plus monstrosity all the way out of the truck and UP THE STAIRS...and it didn't fit thru the bedroom door.


So now what? I either have this HUGE giant monstrosity in the middle of my living room, or in the middle of the play room. Obviously, I want it in the playroom. But my son...Scott will most likely kill himself on it. And no, I can't just tell him 'don't touch.' I'm not that good a mom!


And yes, it's still ninety seven degrees here. Boo.

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