Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Our super friendly neighbors Jon and Pearl invited us over Sunday for a Korean BBQ. SOOOO good, I don't even want to think about the point value of the food I ate. I would try and tell you what it was called, but I don't even think I could sound it out. They have a four year old too, and he told Ava to go ask his mom Pearl for some more of something, but he said it in Korean, and Ava repeated it perfectly! She's so smart ya'll.

Pearl has this jumping thing (it's really just like a mattress, but you're supposed to jump on it, as opposed to the crib mattress that they keep pulling out of Scott's racecar bed to jump on) and somewhere during the evening someone (no names, but it seems a little Avaish if you ask me) decided to push a slide next to it and leap off the slide onto the mattress. Like a stunt double in an action movie! So instead of intervening and putting a stop to such an unsafe situation, I ran inside to grab the camera. You know me!

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