Monday, September 21, 2009


Be prepared to be bombarded with pictures. I've been wanting to take the kiddos bowling forever and yesterday Nick surprised us with a trip to a local bowling alley! My dang camera was on the last bar of it's battery, but I KNEW it would get me at least a few great shots, and it certainly did not let me down! I could only get the first two frames of our game, but check out how unbelievable adorable my children are. I mean, look at them!

At first, they were a little unsure of how much fun this was going to be. The alley was dark and had funky disco balls and lights and all that jazz. Guess it was a little overwhelming for them. I, on the other hand, was immediately hit with a wave of nostalgia. It simply couldn't have been more late eighties.

They loosened up at bit and we got down to business. Ava enjoyed picking out her very own ball, and I was SHOCKED at how easily they both carried it around-until I picked it up to use it. Ya'll, six pounds is super light. Who knew?

Here's Scott after we FINALLY let him hold one of the balls. You'd think that the two minutes he had to wait was the longest two minutes of his entire life. It probably was!

And waiting for the ball to hit the pins. It was a long wait. Very, very long. At one point, after Scott threw the ball onto the lane, it inched forward a few feet before coming to a complete stop and then rolling backwards back to us. Seriously!

Ah, it finally made it and knocked one down!

Scott's reaction to Daddy's strike...

And of course, what did Warren think of this whole excursion? Eh.

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