Saturday, September 12, 2009

Lots of Pictures

Well, maybe not lots, but lots more than I've been posting.

First up, we bought a piano a few weeks ago! It's a digital piano, which is NOT the same as a keyboard. I wanted a traditional piano, but you just can't beat a digital. The keys on our model are weighted perfectly, so you feel like you're playing a piano instead of messing around on a keyboard at Toys R Us. You can adjust the volume, it has a built in metronome (I always hated the way metronomes looked on top of a piano-silly, I know! They just look like they're mocking me! As if they're saying 'what, you can't COUNT for yourself?') tons of programmed songs, and best of all, it never has to be tuned, and it doesn't care if you live in a ridiculously humid climate! Hello, Guam anyone?

Anyway, here's me and Ava tinkering around. The original plan was to start her in lessons right away. We found a few teachers who would take her, but her hands are so little! The majority of people we've talked to seem to think the best idea is for me to get back into lessons and let her watch me practice, then to start her closer to when she turns five. We'll see. I don't really want to wait that long.

Here's the World's Biggest Helper, helping his daddy make peanut butter cookies. I especially enjoy the way he transports my mixer parts, don't you? Believe it or not, he doesn't like to get his hands dirty, isn't that crazy? And even stranger, he doesn't like to get his NAPKIN dirty at dinner. If he wipes a dirty hand on it, you have to trade him your clean one. What a weirdo!

Look at this Cool Guy. And he's not modest, Warren KNOWS how cool he is.

Not to be outshone, here is Cool Gal Ava in her Awesome Elmo Hat. This is seriously one of my favorite new pictures of her.

Here's my son with his favorite toy...hope you weren't expecting one of the spectacular, expensive educational toys. Nope. That would be a PAPER B AG. Sheesh.

Can you say "War Eagle?" My kiddos can!

And tonight, I finally remembered to pick up some biter biscuits to give that poor kid. Those two bottom teeth weren't very forgiving, and the top ones are trying to race right in without cutting him any kind of slack. Now seriously, isn't he adorable?

And for those of you curious about my sanity regarding that monster's sleeping habits-now hear this! Slept thru the night Mon, Wed, and Friday (naturally MY nights were Tue and Thur, guess that's God trying to help me out with just a smidge more patience) and has steadily been knocking out a two hour nap in the morning! I do let him cry himself back to sleep during naps. I know, I know. But he doesn't really seem too damaged by it. Guess if he hacks me up in my sleep with a rusty saw when he's a teenage, you'll all know why.

And now, I'm off for a Girls Night with the neighborhood ladies! I'm so excited! And a little anxious, I feel like I'm in junior high and I'm on my way to Angela's eighth grade birthday party. Will they like me? Will they laugh at me? Am I dressed cool enough? Will they notice the moustache? Okay, I didn't have to worry about that last one in junior high, but I had acne, which was almost as bad. Wish me luck!

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