Monday, September 21, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

I've been wanting to try this out for a while, but wasn't really sure about 'linking' things together. Still not entirely sure what that even means. Anyway, I've been planning our weekly meals for years now, since before we even had Scott, and let me tell you, it makes a HUGE difference. In fact, I'm not entirely sure how people can get dinner on the table without a menu plan. How do you know what to buy at the grocery store? Anyway. For more great menu ideas, check out one of my favorite websites here See what I mean about this linking business? That was supposed to be the word 'here' and it was supposed to be underlined so that you'd be able to just click on it. Anyone know anything about the blog world?

Here's our menu. It's already off because we spent too much time at the bowling alley and so we didn't cook last night. But I'm having Sunday's dinner for lunch today!

Sunday- honey mustard chicken, rice and veggie packet from pantry

Monday- parmesan crusted pork chops (from Everyday Italian, before she got too annoying) and either beans or broccoli (both were on super sale yesterday at the commissary!)

Tuesday- Nick is making a new recipe he got off TV. The only thing I jotted down was 'braised legs.' Which reminds me that they didn't have the leg quarters and I need to tell him to stop and get some. Hmph.

Wednesday- grilled chicken tacos and black beans. BEST MEAL EVER. Seriously, I'll post the recipe one day because the chicken is AMAZING.

Thursday- we go to OCF and they haven't sent out a theme. Whatever it is, we just whip something up to carry over there.

Friday- Halloween Chicken Chili. Ahh, Sam. How I love you. And ya'll, a bowl of this is TWO POINTS!!!

Saturday- I had originally planned on making a lasagna, but we usually need a day to absorb all the leftovers and maybe even get Chili's to go.

So that's what we'll be eating this week. I'm so excited, I hope this link thing works!

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