Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Perfect Lighting

Kinda fell of the ball on learning about my new camera, but I strengthened my resolve when I found out Brandi was taking a photography class! So jealous, I can't believe it! So when I get the chance, back to the library I'll go, for a new book to confuse me about aperture and ISO and shutter speed. Until then, yesterday we went to check the mail after dinner. Dusk is my favorite time to shoot, although I had a hard time not casting my own shadow on the kids. Weird. And what, exactly, is the difference between dusk and twilight? I've always thought that dusk was when the sun was gone but still casting light, and twilight is later, when it's almost all the way dark, but the moon hasn't started. Did I just make that up? Anyone know? Anyway. Here's the pics.

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