Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Well. I gained last night at Weight Watchers. One point two pounds. That's five sticks of butter. That's a box of butter, plus an extra stick. Gross! I knew, in the front of my mind, that I gained. I was sick on Friday, so I drank two liters of sprite, which is three points for every twelve ounces, and a box of saltines. Then, since I felt so great on Saturday, I ate everything I could get down. And Sunday, since I still felt great, I went to Taco Bell for lunch. And by Monday, knowing that I was going to gain, I just kept it coming.

So even though I KNEW I was going to gain, there's still this ridiculous little part in the back of my mind that thinks maybe I'll lose five pounds this time! For the record, I have never, ever lost five pounds at one weigh in. Sigh. And these crappy one point two pounds has thrown me out from under my huge victory of twenty five pounds! Now my total is only twenty four point six. Boo. Every time my hand brushes against my 25lbs key charm, I feel like someone is shouting "LIAR! TRAITOR!" Hence the ugh.

Warren was up at one this morning, no surprise there. His sleep-thru-the-nights seem to be directly related to his super-fussy-at-bedtime-from-teething-so-I-give-him-Motrin nights. Duh. He's currently napping. Put him down at nine (big kids had school, so we're working around that. I just love schedules, don't you?) and he woke up within thirty minutes to poop his pants. Daddy took care of that and put him down. He cried for a while, but he's out now. Hooray. Not sure how long he cried because I was working out on my Precor. I haven't gushed about it in a while, but I still love it. It's a very adored member of the family. And I'm watching Lost, Season One while I do it (perfect forty five minute intervals!) and man, did I love that show! I still do, but rewatching Season One...brings back the memories. For instance, I started watching over Christmas break that year (is it still a break when you're a grown up? I didn't actually get a break from anything...) and Nikki was here with little tiny baby Mia, the baby who started it all. I just love that little gal!

So, to sum up this totally random blog...gotta get back on track with Weight Watchers. Literally. Track every single thing I eat. Stop stealing the Rice Krispie Treats that Scott leaves on the table. Stop stuffing my mouth with food I don't even like at all these BBQs and OFC we keep going to. DRINK MORE WATER! That's so stupid, I know FOR A FACT that if I drink my water, I stay on point. Yet I don't drink it! And, work out. That's not a hard one for me because I actually enjoy it. I mean, hello, I'm watching Lost with headphones on and can't hear my kids. What's not to love? :) Keep me accountable ya'll!!!

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