Thursday, September 17, 2009

Warren Woes

Note to readers: this is another fairly boring rant about my child's sleeping habits. Skip to pics at the end if you want.
Well, as you could have guessed, I'm not adjusting well to being a stay at home mom. I don't want to step on the toes of all my stay at home mom friends, that's totally cool if that's what you want to do, but this just isn't what I want to do! I don't feel 'called' to stay home, I don't feel like God wants me to be the sole influence on my kids' lives, I don't feel like I can't trust them with anyone else. Please, I'd trust them with a bum collecting cans on the side of the road some days.

Anyway, along with Nick working all day, I'm also taking over night time duty. Gag. I should have martyred myself out when the big kids were little, because they didn't get up at night! Oh well, who knew. I have googled 'my seven month old won't sleep' at least seven hundred times over the last few weeks, and I'm still at a loss as to what I should be doing. I've taken on a modified crying and attachment parenting philosophy. Can you do both at once? I dunno. I am. I've been trying to put him down sleepy but awake because DUH that's the obvious thing to do. But unlike his older siblings, Warren is absolutely INCAPABLE of staying awake on a bottle. He's sound asleep before he even makes it halfway thru the dang thing. So I have to put him down sound asleep nine times out of ten. Mistake one, right?
So he goes down around seven thirty with the big kids. I think if we can bump that back towards six, it would help, but I like him to eat dinner with us. So the logistics of that are difficult, how do I feed him while cooking dinner and dealing with the big kids? Five to six is the witching hour at Casa de Engelbrecht. So down at seven thirty, then we wake his butt up at ten and feed him again while we watch King of the Hill. And by we, I mean Nick. I'm usually in a coma by then.
If he wakes up at night, he's usually pretty easy and takes a boppy and goes back out. Which begs the question-why can't he find his own dang boppy and do it himself? Baby steps. But then he seems to want to be up at five for another bottle, then back to bed by five thirty. Which would be fine, except that Nick doesn't want to get up till five thirty, and I don't want to go back down at five thirty because A) I want to work out most mornings, and B) even if I skip the workout, Ava gets up at six, so what's the point. But night times are getting better, slowly but surely. If he gets up for a boppy twice, I usually take him down to eat, thinking that maybe he'll sleep past five if I do. He doesn't.
On to naps. We're getting better, as I knew we would once we got a routine going. Mon, Wed, Fri, big kids go to school. I leave at 8:28 and we're back by 8:32 (literally). So he's up from six thirty till eight thirty, then I get him to take a few more ounces and put him down. So, here's where all my dilemmas start. I would never let him cry it out at night because I still think that's cruel and I don't want him waking up Scott, but I NEED him to take naps. It's not negotiable. If he wakes up at the forty five minute mark during a nap (which he does, nine times out of ten!) I go in, put his boppy in, and walk back out. And then I let my poor baby scream for me! I go back every ten minutes until he either falls asleep, or it's been an hour and a half since I laid him down. You can imagine how fun this is while I'm working out and watching Lost and having to trapse up and down those stairs with sweat pouring down my back. Good times.
Yesterday morning, he didn't go back to sleep, he just kept crying until eventually it had been the ninty minutes and I rescued him. I didn't put him down again until it was nap time again, and he slept for almost ninty minutes on his own, no crying needed. So that was neat.
And today, drumroll please...ninety minutes this morning, no waking up to cry, and this afternoon, I put him down at twelve, he fussed at one when I brought the Nosiest Children Alive up for their nap, I popped that sucker in his mouth and haven't heard a peep since. It's one forty three! He's NEVER only needed me to come in once during a nap! Of course, now I've probably jinxed the whole shebang, but hey.
And for any mothers of boys out there...potty training? Scott will be thirty months old at the begining of October. Ava was one hundred percent out of diapers and not having accidents by twenty eight months. She did it herself, so I didn't have to DO anything! Scott liked to pee outside when we were home, and then in Biloxi, but it's too cold here, and he's not interested anyway. Whenever we say 'Hey Scott, wanna use the potty and get some candy?' he just smiles and says 'No, I wanna wear diapers!' So. Not too sure about that. Should I just not be an idiot and say hey, he's obvioulsy not ready? Probably. Anyway, advice accepted please.

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  1. not sure if this will help but we started adding Beech Nut night time rice to Nathan's night time bottle. We'd also warm this bottle up. It seemed to help get him sleeping through the night. Good luck!!!

    Also, I'd let him fall asleep in my arms or next to me on the couch at night while I watched my DVR. Then once he fell into his deep sleep, I'd move him down to his bed. After a while we were able to put him down when he got tired. We'd just say the same thing to him every night. Night Night time, we're going to go to sleep and mommy and daddy will see you when you wake up in the morning. We love you, sweet dreams.