Friday, October 2, 2009

Apple Pickin'

Well, the big kids had their very first field trip! I think I may have been just a teeny tiny bit more excited than they were. Although they were pretty stoked. AND, to make things even more amazing, I left Warren with a neighbor so I didn't have to deal with his incessant and nerve wracking crying the whole time! I think the kids thought that was the best part!

We went to an apple orchard right in the next town. Or maybe it was even in this town, it's weird here. They have all these different little towns, but they're all part of Groton. I dunno. Like I said, it's weird. This place was in Gale's Ferry. And it was every bit as cute as you'd imagine an apple orchard in New England in the fall would be.

Side note: it was COLD. Nick warned me that it was gonna be cold out, so I wore a sweater. Ha! Not good enough. And my poor kids had to have been cold in just their ratty Old Navy sweat shirts, but they said they were fine. What good sports.

Here's the whole sweet class. Obviously, the infants stayed back at school, and I think a few toddlers weren't allowed to go either. But that's most of them, anyway. Notice Scott's sunglasses, along with the lack of any sunshine in the entire sky. What a cutie.

Picking their first apples! I was worried the day before, wondering how they could pick them. I mean, I've never seen an apple tree. Well, I've probably seen them, but I never took note of them before. So I figured they'd be tall, like real trees. But obviously, they're little short guys, perfect for kids! Weird, huh?

And of course, they also had a pumpkin patch. Unfortunately, my two children picked almost four bags of apples, and I only had a little cash, so we didn't get to bring their favorite pumpkins home. Isn't that pathetic? But seriously, who doesn't take credit cards these days? Anyway. We're going back with Grandpa Kenny, we'll get pumpkins then.

So, now I need recipes for all of these apples. Anyone? I'm not making a pie, so don't even try that line :)

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