Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Apple Picking With Grandpa

Since we're all new to this whole 'fall' business, we went back to the apple orchard with Grandpa Kenny so that he could see how amazing it looks too. And it was even more breathtaking this time! I just wish that the sun had been out on one of our trips, but it was overcast both days! What are the odds, right? You can't really see how beautiful all the colors are since it's cloudy in the pics, but trust me, it's amazing. It's going to be so weird in Guam, where there aren't any seasons AT ALL! At least we get to have one real, New England Fall before we head out!

Right before we hit the orchard, Grandpa took Ava to the toy store for her birthday present (and Mama and Daddy's Christmas present, but more on that later!) so that's why you'll see her with her very own camera in all these shots. She loves it! It takes real pictures, not super fantastic resolution, but still, they're real, and it makes all the real camera clicking noises and shows up on the LCD screen and everything. It's a hit!

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