Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Big Three Oh!

Well, I finally did it! I lost THIRTY POUNDS! Wowsers. I am actually at my pre Warren pregnancy weight! No, I did not only gain thirty pounds during that pregnancy! It was more like fifty (or sixty) I lost quite a few in that swoosh of delivery and night sweats, and then I didn't start Weight Watchers until he was about nine weeks old. But counting from my very first WW weigh in (181.6) I have lost THIRTY POUNDS! Jennifer, you say, that's great, but really, what's thirty pounds? What does that look like?

I'll show you!

This FISH weighs thirty pounds. Imagine him smeared all over my body.

This GRILL weighs thirty pounds. Would you want that tacked on to your booty?

That stack of Crisco there is thirty pounds. Yuck. Imagine all that hanging out on my arms!

This KIDDO weighs thirty pounds! Granted, it's fun to have him stuck to your hip :)

And my favorite, which my leader Nicole brought up, which actually got me thinking just how much thirty pounds really is...two of this guy is thirty pounds. TWO OF HIM!!!

So yeah, I'm pretty proud of myself. The bummer, of course, is that I never lost the weight I gained with Scott. So even though I've technically lost my 'pregnancy' weight, I still have a cruddy sixteen pounds to go. Boo! And those of you who are familiar with WW know that every time you lose into the next 'decade' (ie, you go from the one sixties to the one fifties, the one fifties to the one forties...) you lose a point. Right now, in the one fifties, I get 23, but soon (VERY SOON!) I will only get 22. And I struggle with the twenty three! I miss the days of 26 points! But I can do it!!! I know I can, I just know it! I'm pumped! Let's go run a marathon or something, right?

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  1. Sorry Jen, I don't recommend running a's REALLY no fun at all. I got roped into running a second marathon (my first was in Iraq) to raise money for MD research and I'm not so much looking forward to it. I'd rather fast for 2 weeks than run another marathon!

    Congrats on your WW success. Incidentally, I read your blog all the time, so don't think it's just your fam following.