Thursday, October 15, 2009

Bunk Beds

So last week we got the boys...bunk beds!!! I know, I know. What a silly idea! But we'll be in Guam while Scott is three until he's six, and Warren will be one to four, so they're going to need beds. And I'm not a fan of plastic racecar beds, believe it or not. And spending the money on a toddler bed...well that just seems silly for us. Our crib (yes, we've only had one full size crib, can you believe that? Talk about well made! Three kids and still going strong!) doesn't convert, and even if it did, we've always got more babies to put in it! So, knowing that shopping in Guam is limited to the NEX and the world's largest KMart, we went ahead and bought what we wanted here. And let me tell you, Mama came pretty close to a new bedroom set herself...a king sized bed is seriously calling my name, especially since spending last night with Wiggle Worm Warren all night.

Anyway. Here they are, all set up. They were pretty in the store, but they're downright breathtaking in my house! I'd never heard of a full over full bunk before- we went in for twin on full-but when you do the twin on full, the full is...weird. It's hard to explain. It's actually a twin BED, with an extension for a full MATTRESS. So the headboard is twin sized. Very weird. The two beds I liked at Pottery Barn weren't weird like that, but they weren't really that cute. So it was either twin on twin, or full on full. And for some reason, I've just always wanted my kids in full beds. I mean, Ava's been in a queen all her life, right?

Needless to say, we'll be keeping the ladder to the top in an undisclosed location :)

I didn't really LOVE the dresser in the store, but I wanted matching furniture. Actually, the dressers were silly because I literally hang everything except socks and jammies. Ava's two dressers are full of...diapers and paper towels and odds and ends. But again, I'm spoiled, I wanted matching furniture. Nick always gives me a hard time because when I find something I love, I buy a ton of it, because 'what if they stop making it?' For example, when we bought Ava's Christmas stocking when she was a baby, I bought four, since I was planning on having four kids. And guess what? THEY STOPPED MAKING THOSE! So there.

Anyway, when the dressers (actually I think they're 'chests') were delivered, they are SO MUCH BETTER! They're gorgeous! I don't dust, but I'm thinking I might have to start, just to keep those suckers looking so perfect! We got two, because in theory, one day when they're older, we'll take the beds apart and they can either share a really big room and it can be symmetrical, or they can have their own rooms. But honestly, they'll probably be sharing for a long time.

For Christmas, we hope to be able to collect this bedding for both bunks. No one can sleep up top for a few years, but I just don't like the idea of a naked mattress up there. I guess I could just throw some sheets on it, but come on, I want matching bedding! I'm not a hundred percent which one I want, but I really like both of these. As usual, I'm open to suggestions if anyone knows of any cuter ones :)

Scott slept in it last night with minimal crisis. He woke up about an hour after bedtime crying but he wouldn't say why. He looked really confused, I'm assuming he couldn't quite figure out where he was. And then again in the middle of the night because his pacifiers had all fallen down between the bed and the wall. That's gonna be a problem, but I'm sure Nick will figure something out. How fun!

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