Monday, October 19, 2009

Caramel Apples: A Picture Story

There once was messy-faced-boy named Scott.

He wanted to make some candy apples, so his daddy melted a few of the caramels that his mommy hadn't eaten in a fit of sweet-toothed-madness. Scott twirled his apple-on-a-stick in the hot caramel, being very careful not to touch the pot.

After a short while, the temptation grew too great and Scott stuck his finger into the sweet, sticky, gooeyness. Imagine his surprise when he discovered how HOT it was!

His brave daddy quickly wiped his poor scalded finger. That messy-face-boy kept at it, and made two more apples, then lay them to rest on a piece of wax paper (that wasn't not-sticky, in case you were curious.)

Then it was Ava's turn. How fun! she thought, as she climbed onto her chair.

She twirled her own apple-on-a-stick into the gooey caramel. This is fantastic! she said to herself, ignoring her wise daddy's words to be careful.

As luck would have it, that not-so-little girl bumped into the hot pot with her arm.

And that ended her fun.

After a refreshing afternoon siesta, while the apples rested in the nice cold fridge, that messy-faced-boy and not-so-little girl finally got to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Ahh, what a day.

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