Sunday, October 4, 2009


To say I’m bummed would be a TOTAL understatement. I am CRUSHED. So, most of you know I’m having a pretty hard time up here. I’m sad and lonely and bored and HATE staying home and I miss my job and my patients and my friends and my church. So I get all excited when my church announces they’re doing a Beth Moore. I mean, hello, it’s BETH MOORE. So Thursday rolls around and I’m literally so excited I can barely sit still. I go to the study, boldly introduce myself, make some small talk, all that good stuff. The leader asks how long we’ll be stationed here, and I tell her I’ll be heading for Biloxi by the first few weeks of February while Nick starts packing out the house.

That’s when she hits me in the face. Figuratively. I actually would rather she have actually hit me in the face.

She tells me that most of their group feels like the homework Beth Moore assigns is too ‘challenging’ to complete in one week. So they take two weeks to do it. Which means they only watch the videos every other week. Which means that this ten week study is going to take them twenty weeks. And with the holidays, they’re not scheduled to finish this study until mid April.

Say what?

So let me get this straight, ladies. You guys are telling me that in seven days, you cannot complete the five days of homework. In seven days, you can’t take twenty minutes a day, five times, and read through a few pages, and look some verses up in your Bibles. You can’t find time for your ‘quiet time.’ You can’t find time for a BETH MOORE STUDY!?!?!?!? Anyone who’s done a Beth Moore knows what I’m talking about! Yes, the homework is intense. Hello! She’s trying to get you to have a RELATIONSHIP with GOD! You know, the guy who CREATED THE UNIVERSE? What if He’d said ‘man, seven days isn’t enough, let’s stretch this out for two weeks.’

So yes, I’m devastated. Yes, I cried all night. Yes, I hate it here even more now. I think it’s unfair that these women are doing this to me, and no, I don’t think it’s unfair for me to want them to change their schedule to accommodate me. I mean, Beth Moore designed these to be done EVERY WEEK. Ugh.

So, I guess I’ll just do it, and come January when I figure out just how many I’ll be missing, I’ll borrow the tapes and finish it out on my own. Ugh. Have I said that already?

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