Sunday, October 25, 2009

Gymnastics and a Long Overdue Haircut

Ava does gymnastics every Saturday morning. Now, come on, it's not like those gyms that you see on the Lifetime movies where the girls are training for the Olympics and they all have eating disorders and the moms slash each others tires in the parking lots. It's a city gym, with a bunch of scraggly preschoolers whose mothers are trying to get some energy out of the little terrors so that they can have peaceful weekends. It's totally fun, not at all psycho.

The teacher, Ms. Marsha, let us all stay on the bleachers for the very first lesson (when I didn't have a camera) but ever since then, she always asks us to leave after the kids get on the mats. I certainly never put up a fight- forty five minutes with my feet up in the front lounge, reading a book or my EW? Check. But Grandma Jane wanted to see Ava in action, so she asked if we could stay, they of course said yes, and I finally got some pics! Man, sure wish I had that zoom lens...(hint hint for Christmas Grandpa Matt :) ).
After gymnastics yesterday, we headed into Mystic (so cute!) to get a haircut at the Crewcuts and Curls before the big PARTY! Ya'll know I like her hair short, so it shouldn't be that surprising. What is surprising is the price I paid for a three year old's haircut. And I can only call her that for three more days!!!!

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