Saturday, October 31, 2009

Park Pictures

Well, while I wait for my pictures to upload, let me tell you that I just got back from Where the Wild Things Are and it was, easily, one of the top five best movies I've ever seen. Like, EVER! There was this one stupid part where Max climbs into one of the monster's mouths, but other than that, it was one of the most magical movies ever, I'm totally serious. It was like...being a child again. Being in your mind as a child, but with adult perspective. It's hard to explain, but trust me, go see it. I'd never steer you wrong :)

All right, got the pics on the computer, now I just have to wait to upload them to blogger. I miss my superfast work computer! Not that I blogged at work, if anyone from work is reading this. I only conducted proper NMCP business on those computers during working hours :)

These pics are (obviously) from a park. Now, I'm not really a take-your-kids-to-the-park kinda mama. I know I should be, but it's just so boring! And in Virginia, it's either too hot, or too cold. But, now that I don't have a job or any sort of real hobby, I get a LITTLE bored in my house all day, so I told Scott we could head to "play park" after the baby woke up from his morning nap yesterday. Leave it to Warren to take a two and a half hour nap! But we finally got zipped up into our fleece jackets and off we went, just right around the corner. I can literally see this park from my front door. Almost. Think they could go by themselves? Calm down, I'm totally kidding. How I wish we were in the house right next door to that park. Cause ya'll, they'd be out there on their own every day, trust me!

Here's Ava and Scott with Charlotte, an almost replacement for poor Baby Nathan. She bought these new baby clothes with her own money (thanks Grandma Jane!) from Target, and I think they fit Charlotte better, so poor Nathan has sort of been left behind for the time being.
it's okay for boys to have baby dolls, right?

"Helping" Charlotte down the slides...look at that devilish little grin

Aren't they just the picture-perfect siblings?

Those big kids wouldn't stand still and let me take a hundred pictures in that perfect light. Weird, huh? So I dragged that baby out of his warm, cheerio covered stroller and made him sit for a while. What a beautiful baby, right?

And a surprise shot of Scott. Can't believe I got it! Again with that dang sunbeam thing. Anyone out there know how I can get rid of that? Is it a glare or something?

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