Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Party Pics

Here they are, finally, the pics from Ava's party Saturday! Hooray! It was more of a neighborhood BBQ than an actual Princess Party, but if Ava noticed, she didn't let on. She had lots of little kids to play with, and Grandma Jane got her a crown to wear, so really, what else is there? And ya'll, I tried and tried to get her to want a Dora party instead, but she was absolutely dead-set on a Princess theme. Sigh.

Here is her cupcake cake. Now, she didn't really care about anything except she wanted 'white cupcakes with pink frosting.' So I told the lady that, and the lady said that she would airbrush the top of the cake with a pale Disney Pink. Ahhum. Does that look like PALE DISNEY PINK!!! Goodness, Nick's fingers are still stained!

Ahh, the pinata. The Pinata of Steel. We had some BIG KIDS, like at least nine years old, beating on this thing with a bat, and it barely even cracked! We finally had to help things along by tearing it at the windows...

Until this was all that was left!!!

So, all and all, a great party. Stay tuned for a more birthday-themed post. I gotta find the disc with the pictures of my sweet faced firstborn. And stop crying long enough to type.

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