Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Photography Mess

So I've had my amazing camera for at least six months, and I've made zero progress on learning to use it, beyond the AUTO button, which actually is pretty good. I went to this baby shower a few weeks ago and misread the invite, so I was thirty minutes early. Luckily, I figured it out before I parked in her driveway (and she was a stranger!) and made my way inside, so I drove around Noanke and Mystic for those thirty minutes while the baby slept. This was back in our War of the Nap Schedule, so it was not a fun time! Anyway, point being, I found this really nice park out there. Not really a park park, more like a...I have no idea. A bunch of trees on the side of the road, fenced off, with a few benches every now and then. Make sense?

So that day, I thought, gee, we should come out here and take some pictures. But being a napping Nazi, I actually very rarely take everyone out of the house at the same time. Too much work for my taste. But the seasons are changing FAST and I began to fear that by the time we made it out there the leaves would have all fallen off and we'd be left with tree trunks and dead sticks. Not so pretty. So into the van we climbed, and Nick trusted my directions to get us back to this park. And I did!

And, on the way, Ava threw up. That child has never thrown up in her life. And she threw up on the way to our photo shoot. We'd packed a change of jeans for Scott because he'd been having a few accidents over the busy weekend with Grandma Jane and the birthday, so we changed Ava into those, and zipped her sweatshirt up over her wife-beater undershirt and called it good.

So we park next to these rocks that I think the kids will play on, and we all climb out, and that's when I realize that it doesn't quite look how I want it to. First up, the trees are so tall that I can't get all the gorgeous yellow and orange and even PURPLE leaves in the shot. The trees are blocking the light from hitting us the way I want it too, and it's like too high in the sky or something. I dunno. Then add in the fact that I had just read in my new book how to make a blurry background and keep the kids in focus, but I remembered it wrong. Dad- something about the depth of field? I wanted a short depth of field, I think. Either way, I needed to use a LOW f-stop, but for some reason I thought I needed a HIGH one. So none of them turned out that way.don't you love the way she's peeking out from behind the baby?

Then we moved to the other side of the street, but for some reason I didn't see this horrible like, BEAM of light hitting the rock, so all these are bust too.

Long story short, I took 194 pictures that morning. After I got them on the computer, I deleted it down to 40. Of those 40, these are the best. And not one of them is what I was going for. When am I going to figure this out? Dad- teach me!!! And, worst of all, why didn't we get any shots of Grandma Jane with the kids? I literally didn't take ONE picture of her with them all weekend! Sorry Grandma!

Oh yeah, after that, we went into Mystic to try and get brunch before we took Grandma Jane to the airport. Let me tell you, that was its own disaster. I would retell it, but it will serious make me so mad that it'll ruin the rest of my day! It took us over and hour, and we finally ate right on the RI border. And wanna know something, remember that movie Mystic River? Was that here in this Mystic?

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